Atelier playing cards

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Here's your litmus test:

To get the perfect color, I sampled the Jacket color of the Jokers from The Dark Knight and the 1989 Batman movies, and picked a refined version that blended the two together, whilst pairing well with the red I picked for the Hearts and Diamonds.

If you went "wtf get out of here", you don't want this. If your eyes widened a little, this post is for you.

I backed a 2014 Kickerstarter for Atelier Playing Cards, a minimalist deck of cards partially inspired by Casino Royale. The leftovers are only on sale for 1 more week at $19 a deck, until June 5. I've bought a few extra decks for myself so hopefully these are the cards I use forever.


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    The color red used on the cards is Pantone 200. This particular red was chosen, because of it's close proximity to Pantone 18-1663 TPX. This is the color of the soles of Christian Louboutin's iconic high heels, which were worn by Claire Underwood in Netflix's House of Cards.

    Possibly the worst reason ever to pick a color.

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