1060 6GB to 2070 and other questions

stealth1111stealth1111 Canada Member

is it worth upgrading my 1060 6GB to 2070?
what 1440P monitor should i go for???? i was thinking Asus Rog Swift

is MSI a good GPU company?? and hows there customer service?

i always go for Evga,Asus and Gigabyte brands never tried MSI

Thanks for reading!

Core i7-4790K Devil's Canyon
1060 6GB
VG24H 1080P <--- want to upgrade to 1440P monitor


  • I have have built with some fine MSI product over the years. Not my favorite website to navigate for drivers and such but otherwise they build quality parts.

    I'll answer the question a little backwards. If you look at the 1440p gaming monitor market you are going to find a huge emphasis on higher framerates!! 144hz super monitors!! Not everyone will agree, but I find it to be a bit on the side of snake oil. You don't necessarily need to be running there to have a butter smooth gaming experience, especially not with the current adaptive sync technologies, freesync for AMD, Gsync for Nvidia. To me, 1440p is about immersion, I don't think there is a ton of value in getting it in a smaller monitor, but if you can get a big 32" monitor on your desk, now that's pretty hot. Color accuracy, input lag, peak brightness are all more important to me than having a refresh past 60.

    If it's my money, I'm doing this. - https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814126180&amp;Description=vega 56&amp;cm_re=vega_56--14-126-180--Product - Yeah, it's last years stuff, but it's still going to play max detail 1440P games at playable framerates on everything and they are literally handing you three AAA games to take it.

    https://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/omen-by-hp-32-32-inch-display - That's a great price for a 32" 1440p freesync display with the peak brightness, contrast specs. I have seen these displays out at my local best buy, they are really nice. 75 hz to me isn't a limiting factor, but some folks may skip it for that.

    That's how I'd spend it. GPU's right now... two year investment. Whatever you get in two years you are going to look to replace it anyway. I don't encourage you to overspend on it. Get what you need to have the experience you want today and accept the fact that it's getting swapped in two years whatever it is because that's how the GPU market is.

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