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This is a list of expectations and general information for folks visiting and/or sleeping in our home for Icrontic events.


Start/end dates: Please clear arriving earlier or staying later than the listed dates with Linc or Brian.

Airport rides: Please coordinate a ride to & from the airport from other guests whenever possible. Please let Brian or Linc know if you haven't secured a ride by the day of your flight and they will try to help. No one in the house is waking up at 6am to take you, so you better have a plan if you book a crazy early flight. Consider the event schedule carefully.


  • The hook next to the shower is for use by the showeree, not a permanent home for your towel.
  • We provide towels. They are inside the bathroom, behind the door.
  • Hang up your towel; NOT on furniture. Additional towel racks outside the bathroom.
  • Please throw towels down the laundry chute in the bathroom closet at the end of the event.
  • We have guest toiletries stored just outside the bathroom. Please ask for or find the "Guest" labelled bottles; don't just take the residents' soap. You may leave them in the shower for others' use.


This is the part people fuck up constantly, so pay attention.

Our spacious attic & basement often have room for sleeping; the spaces are unheated but usually quite reasonable. We have multiple mattresses, futons, cots, and padded tatami mats. You may bring an inflatable mattress if there is room (typically we can only fit 2-3 per event, so ask).

  • Reserve space BEFORE the event begins; include what nights you will need it.
  • ALWAYS use a pillowcase + a fitted sheet no matter where you sleep. Ask for them.
  • ALWAYS throw sheets down the laundry chute at end of the event.
  • FOLD your blanket/comforter & LEAVE it with your pillow on your bed.
  • NEVER walk on any sleeping surface, especially the tatami mats.
  • AVOID sleeping in the living room unless we're over capacity in other areas.



All events are BYOB. There are 2 side-by-side beverage fridges in the pub. The LEFT is shared. The RIGHT is drink-only-yours (limit storing 2 at a time). Coolers available on request. Please don't bring coolers.

Up early? Consider collecting cans, bottles, and glasses from around the house and rinsing them. If you want to help separate the recycling or use the dishwasher, ask a veteran for guidance.

Headed to the store and want to know if we need anything? The house should always have 3 things: Toilet paper, paper towels, and 2% milk. If any of them is in short supply, we'd appreciate more. (We keep spare TP & paper towels in the linen closet on the second floor.)

Spill or break something? It's cool, but please tell us immediately so we can help mitigate the damage (or replace it).

Coffee is similar to beer fridge rules: If you plan on drinking some, please consider buying a pound of whole beans or chipping in $5. If it's prior to noon and the kettle is empty, refill it using the small filtered tap and turn it on immediately. Flavored beans are forbidden due to leaving terrible flavored oil residue on the gear.

Parking: Detroit ordinance limits are 20' from a Yield sign, 15' from a crosswalk, and 10' from a fire hydrant. All of the above exist on our corner. When in doubt, ask us.

Fire safety: Extinguishers at every floor of each staircase, including carriage house, plus at the back of the kitchen on the wall. Smoke detectors are wirelessly linked to all floors. Three-story escape ladder is on the neighbor's side of the attic.



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