EPIC 2019 Pokemon Go PvP Tournament

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What: EPIC 2019 Pokemon Go PvP Tournament

Where: ICHQ, EPIC 2019, Meeting place to be determined.

When: Friday June 28th, 2pm

You must have your own Pokemon Go account and a device to play on. Due to time constraints, sharing devices or accounts will not be allowed.

Rules: We will be following a slightly edited version of the Silph League Arena Rules

  1. Party Selection: You may only use the 6 individual Pokemon registered when entering the tournament. TMs are forbidden during Tournament play. No swapping alternate Pokemon within a species.
  2. Great League: All battles must be fought in Great League.
  3. Best 2 Out Of 3: Opponents will battle 'best 2 out of 3' to determine a winner. Opponents may not collude to report outcomes not achieved in battle.
  4. Optional Coin Toss: If requested, an optional 'Invite Priority Coin Toss' determines who invites/receives the battle invite & who clicks USE THIS PARTY first. In subsequent games battle losers have the choice, but battles must be started anew - NOT via the in-game Rematch function. Re-matches for technical issues repeat the interrupted battle's priority.
  5. Ties: If a battle ends in a draw (ie, both journal entries show a loss) a re-match will be held for that battle until a battle is won.
  6. Disputes: If opponents do not agree on a match outcome, journal entries will be reviewed by a staff member. If a dispute is still deemed unresolved by staff, see rule 10.
  7. Technical Issues: Each significant technical issue must be verified by your opponent and, when confirmed, will trigger a re-match of the current battle. The same battle team & order must be selected for the re-match. If technical issues prevent successful battle for 10 minutes, contact tournament staff for assistance.
  8. Professionalism: Don't be a dick. Competitors are expected to maintain courtesy towards opponents. Harassment, aggression, intimidation, and other inappropriate behaviors should be reported to staff and will result in punitive action.
  9. Free to Play: Must be Epic 2019 Attendee. Free to enter.
  10. Staff Decisions: All staff decisions are final. If your opponent is a staff member, an additional staff member must adjudicate any disputes. If you feel a staff decision warrants appeal, deal with it.

Please post any questions here. I'll add more info to this post as needed. See y'all next week!




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