EPIC 2019 Pokemon War Driving: Most Wanted's Fever Dream

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While passed out on that fateful night, Most Wanted had an intense experience. Many people think Most lost his marbles that night. They write the experience off as a drunken/hung over hallucination. It must just be a crazy made up story. A dream. Which lead to trainers who do believe, simply referring to the experience as Most Wanted's Fever Dream.

Most Wanted, of course, documented his experience. He describes battling a legendary beast with other local trainers. After the beast fainted, a magical Pokemon appeared. Most described the beast in his notes;

The four legged beast presented itself to me
Not quite canine
Not quite feline
Golden mane flowing like the sandstorms in the east
Dark orange fur that sparkled in the sun reminiscent of the shiny Raichu I met in the Kanto region
Fierce and rigid gray whiskers and tail
Accepted me as his master with a single ball

Many trainers, when they hear the description, think of the Legendary Pokemon, Raikou. Yet many of the details do not match such as Raikou's electric yellow skin not being the orange color detailed by Most.

Do you believe the beast is real?

I believe. So this year we will go out and hunt for Most Wanted's Fever Dream. Saturday June 29th at Expo 2019, 4:30pm, I will lead a team of dedicated trainers to hunt for the beast known as Most Wanted's Fever Dream.


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