Ropes Course!!

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EVERYONE who is doing Ropes, you need to fill out your waiver, verify your email, and get a confirmation. If you don't, the whole group has to wait for you to fill out a new one. The system is a little wonky for whatever reason this year, so it's doubly important you get that confirmation email. I can't see who has, or who hasn't done theirs on my end for some reason, so ya'll need to adult the shit out of this.

Everyone on the porch at 7:45am! 8:15!


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    I done did it and got the e-mail from them saying I did it.

  • PinkInDetroitPinkInDetroit Brian's (actual) Waifu Detroit, MI Icrontian

    EDIT: We're the first time slot of the day, so apparently we don't need to arrive stupid early. Meet on the porch at 8:15, as originally stated on the handy dandy flyer and schedule.

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