Ever had a keyboard palmrest go gummy? Possible fix here.

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I have a Logitec K740 keyboard that has developed a gummy, sticky like scotch tape, palmrest. I don't know why this happens but I know it is not unique to Logitech keyboards. After reading online about cleaning with isopropyl alcohol that only makes it even more sticky and finding no other workable solutions, including sanding, I began experimenting. I found a solution that works very well, but you have to be persistant and rinse your cleaning cloth often. I took a tube of GOOP Hand Cleaner, put a dab on a damp washcloth and began scrubbing with a circular motion. Working in small areas at a time, rinsing the cleaning cloth often with water and reapplying a new dab of GOOP I was able to completely remove the gumminess with no damage to the keyboard itself. In fact, after cleaning this way, the keyboard is visually and tactily indistinguishable from one that has never developed this problem. This technique will probably also work on the rubberized sides of gaming mice that develop gumminess. Passing it along.

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