Icrontic v15: Ivan's Triumph

LincLinc OwnerDetroit Icrontian

Based on Vanilla's new "Boilerplate" theming system, the 15th iteration of Icrontic moves us back to the leading edge of forum development and lets me start safely tinkering again. It also removed the last impediment to ditching the mobile Lithe theme (hello, Responsive Design!) and the new Rich Text Editor, designed from the ground up at Vanilla over the last 2 years.

If you weren't using the ol' dark mode before, well you surely are now. I threw the "dark mode" dial to 11 and went with a style I'm calling "electric retro-web comic book" to celebrate Icrontic's nearly 20 years on the wibbles and make us stand out as something special and different on an increasingly homogeneously-designed Internet. Still the classic color scheme I've been refining for over a decade, but put to new, more dramatic, use.

Lots of rough edges remain. You'll notice the flyout menus and text editor are still dark-on-light; that will take some extra figuring out. Some buttons and tags still have weird outlines I don't love. But we're 90% of the way there and I dunno when I'll get another full day to iterate, so here we are.



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