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I have a handful of beers that I have had for years. They have all been stored in either the back of the fridge or the back of a liqueur cabinet. No direct sunlight. Very few of them were designed to be aged, just some experiments that I was doing.

Thing is, I stopped drinking beer a fewyears ago. Don't get me wrong, I'll have a beer at an event if that is what is available and I can't pass up an offer of trying rare beers that friends have opened, but I don't have the thought anymore to drink a beer when I'm just chillin at home. I've gotten headaches/migraines too many times after having one or two beers.

A couple of them I believe I will take with me to Texas. Maudite from 2008 and Sam Adams New World I believe will be worthy for life celebrations in the future.

The rest would basically go in the trash if I don't pop 'em. So I'm gunna pop 'em. Will report when I do.

2014 Sam Adams Octoberfest - My favorite beer. "I wonder what it will taste like in a few years?" - 2014 Me

2x 2015 Sam Adams Octoberfest

2013/16 Sam Adams Octoberfest - Not marked, Could be 2013-16. Likely not 2015 as I have 2 of those and did not save more than 2 any given year.

<2016 Lucky Buddah Enlightened Beer - Purchased for the bottle, no high hopes here

2011 Stone Cherry Chocolate Stout - I don't know how this got in my fridge but it has the original Stone cap and I can't wait for it to get in my mouth.

2012 Labyrinth Black Ale - Purchased from BevMo during a time I would go to their Friday Beer Tastings almost every week. I was told it this a delicious black licorice flavor.

A buddy of mine (PF) gave me a few beers over the years. I am reaching out to him for more info and/or him trying them with me.

2013 PF Chocolate Milk Vanilla Stout - The only one from the cabinet.

? PF "A" cap - Stone Arrogant Bastard bottle

? PF "P" cap - Unlabeled Bottle





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