Middle Michigan Beer Adventure 10/5/19

RyanMMRyanMM Ferndale, MI Icrontian

So, sorta last notice, but in case anyone wants to stretch their legs and check out some new stuff. I've had plans to visit the 2nd anniversary party for Ellison Brewing and the Drafting Table 4th annual Oktoberfest for a few weeks and I'd love to bring anyone along who wants to join.

Only downside is this starts pretty early! I would want to depart ICHQ no later than 8:15AM Saturday since we've got a 75 minute ride to Ellison.

There you'll be able to get in line to buy cans of their BA Stouts they're releasing, or just wait til 10AM when they open to the public to try stuff at the taproom. The limit is 2 cans of each of the beers per person at $10/16oz can, and I can say from having tried a sneak preview of a few is that these will be 💥. Lots of hype around Quantum and the base Gravity that I tried was absolutely banging.

  • Gravity
  • Force of Gravity (base stout with hazelnuts, cacao & vanilla) 
  • Gravity Shift (base stout with vanilla & cacao)
  • Gravity Flux (base stout with Ferris coffee)
  • Gravitational Attraction (base stout with marshmallow)
  • Quantum Gravity (base stout with toasted coconut) (NEW FOR 2019!!)
  • Dissenting Opinions (English-style barleywine)

After we wrap up there, we're gonna take a quick stop nearby at Old Nation (home of M43) so I can return a keg. Maybe have a sampler there if people wanna try some stuff.

Then we're heading to Drafting Table for their Oktoberfest. They presold the cans to the public for their release, so those are all spoken for, but lots of the stuff will be on draft including Rye Barrel Mean Vanilla Bean imperial stout and a BA Scotch Ale aged in some wet as fuck Old Fitzgerald barrels.

Then we'll head back to Detroit after that. Maybe a pitstop at Meray Cellars to drop things off and grab anything we need before heading back to ICHQ.


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