ICSP: Port Tasting

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Hi all, going to switch things up from our normal wine variety and zero in on a special type of dessert wine for a tasting at ICSP. Thanks @Garg for the suggestion, should be a rousing good time.

Here's the logistics, my plan is to span the gamete with 8 types of port that range from white to ruby port and young to old (2 yr-40 yr) with 1.5 oz tasting of each. 5 Bottles are <$25 on the regular so you will definitely be tasting things that are affordable to buy again in the future for evening drinking. 10 yr, 20 yr & 40 yr take quite a hike in price, but will be super neat to see the difference the aging process gives this delightful drink.

Small apps to accompany these pours. But take caution, I am not planning on making as much food as normal wine tastings.

Can accommodate 16 people and be able to keep my 1.5oz/each promise. Don't anticipate an issue doing this as it is a much smaller event than EPIC.

Tasting: Friday March 20th, after dinner time TBD

Price: $40/each
Comment below if you are in, pay via Venmo @Meghann-Hallock or PayPal meghann.sikora@gmail.com

1) @Ryder $$
2) @malia
3) @HumerusMeg
4) @Linc $$
5) Hendricks $$
6) @Garg
7) @Tushon $$
8) @Sazbean $$
9) @Winfrey $$
10) @drasnor $$
11) Nicole $$
12) @sneakypurples
13) @cola
14) @Soda $$


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