HowTo Install Folding@Home the easy way

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I have been fighting Ubuntu to install it every time something crashes Ubuntu. Right now I have Version 18.04-4, and I had to stumble across a program called Gdebi to help. It is in the Ubuuntu software index. I had to install it, then point it at the deb archive I wanted installed. In this case I left Fahclient's .deb and Fahcontrol's deb. in Downloads. Gdebi let me navigate to Downloads easily, and then choose what .deb I wanted. Fahclient came first--Gdebi had worked around the problems with fahclient s not popping up its configure window, and left fa


  • Straight_ManStraight_Man Geeky, in my own way Naples, FL

    hclienrt recognizing it needed to run its first time configuring. If you mess up next with fahcontrol, and do not get a passkey, you will not get bonus points until you do get one and cut and paste it into the pas

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    skey entry places in fahcontrol-- there is room for the passkey to be pasted in twice in one of the tabs of fahcontrol.

  • Straight_ManStraight_Man Geeky, in my own way Naples, FL

    I had folding going and accidentally lost part of it. I had to reinstall it, and in the current LTS version of Ubuntu, as well as I could figure out the software installer for Ubuntu by default is not set up to install folding. With Gdebi doing the install, it was in like Flynn.

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