Adventures in Bourbon - Reach for the... bottom?

AlexDeGruvenAlexDeGruven Wut?Meechigan Icrontian
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I went to pick up some ice tonight to make my wife and me some snobby high-brow martinis (The Botanist, Dolin dry, Angostura Orange Bitters, and a twist), and while checking out, I spotted this bottle on the shelf, with the price tag of $7.86.

I asked the cashier if that was really the price and she guessed at first that it was just mislabeled, but when she got up to the shelf (all of their liquor is up high), she realized that was the actual price. $8.33 after tax.

At that price, I couldn't NOT try it.

I've been pleasantly surprised by it. It's a very solid standard "tastes like Bourbon" Bourbon. Nothing particularly wonderful about it, but nothing awful about it, either. For HALF the price of white label Beam and Jack Daniel's, I think I found a real winner.
Now if I can just attach a picture.


  • RyanMMRyanMM Ferndale, MI Icrontian

    Heaven Hill is a great cheapie. The 6 year discontinued BIB version was even better for $12, but not available anymore.

  • WagsFTWWagsFTW Grand Rapids, MI Icrontian

    We're fans of Old Grand-Dad as an affordable option. Will have to try that Heaven Hill one!

  • AlexDeGruvenAlexDeGruven Wut? Meechigan Icrontian

    Standard OGD is good stuff. Bonded OGD has been touted pretty heavily in the Bottled in Bond thread. Their overall mash bill is good stuff for what I like. Picked up a bottle of 114 yesterday, as it's sometimes hard to find. Actually ended up spending $170 at the liquor store, but let's not talk about that part.

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