How to migrate WIN10 install

edcentricedcentric near Milwaukee, Wisconsin Icrontian

i have come to the conclusion that my wife’s NUC is dead. I am shopping for a new one, but of course I can’t get the same model. So moving from 6i5 to 8i5 and using the same RAM and SSD.
What do I have to do in order to get the WIN10 on that SSD to work on the new mobo? Call MS? Draw a pentagram? Can it be done? Thanks. Ed


  • RyderRyder Kalamazoo, Mi Icrontian
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    Intel chipset, right? Plug it in, in my experience. SATA controller "id" will be close enough that windows will boot. It will find the rest of the differences and install the drivers to run the first time and then you can update after running.

  • RyderRyder Kalamazoo, Mi Icrontian
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    Win 10 may not be activated right away and yes you may have to call Microsoft but if you have the install key (from sticker or one of the programs that will extract it from the registry) its an automated phone call.

  • mertesnmertesn I am Bobby Miller Yukon, OK Icrontian

    I have moved a Win10 install from AMD to Intel (or the other way around, I forget which) and had no issues. You should be fine. Only thing I'd watch for is going from a SATA SSD to PCIe. That might present a problem.

  • AlexDeGruvenAlexDeGruven Wut? Meechigan Icrontian

    Win10 licensing is particularly simple these days if you log in to the system with a MS account. It ties the license to the hardware and your user account. That license can be moved to new hardware reasonably easily, especially if you're just moving a boot drive.
    As Ryder said, it might "just work", at worst, you have to call the automated line and it will give you a key to reactivate.

  • edcentricedcentric near Milwaukee, Wisconsin Icrontian

    Thanks guys. I do have the WIN10 reg number and the platforms are not that different. When it gets here I'll just give it a try.

  • edcentricedcentric near Milwaukee, Wisconsin Icrontian

    I got the NUC 10i7 yesterday, the transfer went mostly OK. Still fighting with some drivers. Such as bluetooth speakers. WIN won't let me uninstall it, but it keeps loosing connection. But I'll get there.
    Thanks, Ed

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