The Icrontic Masters, Pokemon Go PvP Gym Battles

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Oh Hello! Sorry to keep you waiting! Welcome to the world of Pokemon! My name is Hemp. People call me the Pokemon Professor.

This world is inhabited by creatures that we call Pokemon. People and Pokemon live together by supporting each other. Some people play with Pokemon, some battle with them. But we don't know everything about Pokemon yet. There are still many mysteries to solve. That's why I study Pokemon every day.

Oh? You are an experienced trainer you say? Then while you're here I have a task for you. I've received information about a tournament which culminates with a gathering in the town of Brooded Wig in the Detrollian Region. Have you been there?

The "Icrontic Masters" they call it. Well I'm much too busy to participate myself but I feel there is much to learn in these events. Yes, I think you will be perfect. Put together a team and go battle The Traveling Trainer and report back your experience. Anything you gain from the tournament is yours, I hear there are badges, as long as you share any knowledge gained with me. Make sure to check back here before you just go throwing your creatures into the ring. I can help with any advice putting your team together. Focusing on type advantages will help overcome any size or power limitations you may have. The Traveling Trainer is a Pokemon Master and defeating him will not be easy.

Based on the information I was able to gather about this tournament, The Traveling Trainer will take challengers on Saturdays at a different gym each month for ten months. You can only challenge him once each Saturday but as many times each month as there are Saturdays. You need to focus on beating him at least once at each gym. I will use my connections in the community to find out what Pokemon The Traveling Trainer will be using at each gym. He will have six Pokemon to choose his team of three from for each battle. You have no restrictions on Pokemon you can use so together we should be able to craft a strong team for you to take into battle.

Here is the information I was able to find out about The Traveling Trainer's first stop. It will be an island gym and The Traveling Trainer will be focusing on Water Pokemon. August 1st will be your first opportunity and that is coming up quick. Use your time, and your Pokemon, wisely trainer!

-Professor Hemp



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    Trainer, I called you here because I had a thought this morning about my recommendation of Alolan Golem. I understand you are an experienced trainer but I must bring my findings to your attention so you are at your best for your battles against The Traveling Trainer. You see, my calculations were telling me that the dual typing of rock and electric would lessen the effect of water type effectiveness on rock types. Perhaps I had a miscalculation. Hmmph. I ran some simulations and saw that water type Pokemon attacking with water type moves are actually super effective against Alolan Golem. Its electric type attacks would still be super effective against water Pokemon and rock type attacks still super effective against flying and ice types but one must be aware of the damage a Pokemon is taking at the same time concentrating on their attacks.

    What is that envelope you say? Oh, just a letter from an old friend. Focus Trainer. There is a lot to understand about Pokemon battles. We can continue to discuss another time. I have some investigation to do. I believe there is a prob... eh not for you to worry about. Good luck on Saturday Trainer!

    -Professor Hemp

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    No? Ok, cool. cool.

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