BAKE ALL THE THINGS in October with Massalinie and GQ!

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What up y'all,
1.) @Massalinie will be instructing everyone on how to make pretzels! She'll post more details about that below. Get ready to make delicious salty pretzels!

2.) It's time for a spooky bake-off, or a SPOOP-OFF! Make all the spoopy themed baked good in October. This is an event with PRIZES! There will be two-- one distributed randomly, and one based on aesthetics (since I have not yet figured out how to taste things through computer screens). The winner of the aesthetic contest will be determined by vote at the end of the month, and will not be eligible for the random prize. The best thing about the spoopoff? You have almost all month! Photos will be due in this thread by end of day October 28th, so that we have a few days for voting.

Please feel free to submit as many things as you want, but if you put in multiples, please note which you'd like judged for aesthetics. You will only be given one entry for each contest.

Get bakingggggggggggg



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