Day of The Dead - Remebering those we miss the most <3

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John O’Connell (Jackie Grandfather)

Fun dad of 8 and grandfather to 17. Worked on early computers, loved jokes quiet but very sweet

Robert Ryder (Eric Father)

Father of Eric Ryder, lover of fishing and time with family.

Arcangelo Cometa (Bobby Grandfather)

If there was a Cometa Kingdom, Ange was the King. He spent his entire life taking care of and loving his family. Some of the greatest memories with him were gathered around a huge Italian dinner with the family listening to stories from Grandpa.

Ozzie (RJ doggo)

RJ doggo, lover of all the treats and pets

Edward Kwitko (Seth Father)
Caring husband, father, grandfather. He has friends of all kinds who loved him for the silly, smart, funny, loyal man that he was. He brought out the good nature in everyone, and could make anyone smile, even on their worst day.

Henryka Zacharek (Seth's Wife's Grandmother)
Old-school Polish grandmother who would bend over backwards for her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Nobody could teach her how to care for them in any way but her own.

Spencer Hayes (Icrontic Member)

Incredible Magic the Gathering player, teacher and Taco Bell connoisseur. Never turned down Reese's peanut butter cups, Baja blast or a late night game with friends. Favorite movie Hot Tub Time Machine and his cat Minkin.

Daniel Sikora (Meghann Father)

Beloved father of 3, lover of fast cars, techno music, whisky and cigars. Police officer for 28 years and dog dad to 7 well loved pups. Never turned down a late night show, talk or trip to White Castle.

Carol (Johnathan Grandmother)

She passed away in early October at the age of 85. She leaves behind her husband, Eric, three children, eight grandchildren, and more great-grandchildren.
Johnathan fondly remembers spending time as a child at the craft store her and her then-husband Lee owned in southern California. Later in life Carol gained a deep interest in music and in astronomy. She played guitar, bass, ukulele, autoharp, and mandolin, as well as wrote songs and sang with her friends and family. Her and Eric built an observatory in the backyard of their home in Arizona to watch the stars, and once traveled to Alaska to see the Northern Lights.

Veronica Jean Sier (Dustin Mom)

She's holding me. Her birthday is Oct 29th. I've been alive longer without her than with her. She was caring, funny, snarky and generally an awesome person. She worked overtime to help us eat. She made sure we were taken care of. She kept us grounded. I miss her.

Marlene Bonner (Meghann Grandmother)

Nurse and beloved wife, mother of 5, grandmother of 12, great grandmother of 3. Loved Christmas eve with her family, her dachshund schnapps and beautiful fresh cut flowers.



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    Valerie Wydock (Creeper's Mom)

    Beloved mother of 2, passed January 8, 2019, ruled suicide after investigation..
    She was an artist, a rebel, a writer, a mom. In the process of opening her own interior design company. My mother was a determined free spirit who didn't know the meaning of can't. She is the reason I started developing my own artistic skills. She left behind a son ( now 25) and a daughter (now 9). Gone but never forgotten.

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