Minecraft 2B2T

Creeperbane2Creeperbane2 Victorian ScoundrelIndianapolis, IN Icrontian

So, I started playing Minecraft on the 2B2T Minecraft server. It is a 10 year old anarchy server with a map that has never been reset. The wait list was a little long and it was a bear escaping spawn but once out, like 2k blocks out I felt a real sense of accomplishment. Between other players, lava casts, and withers. This server has known empires, dinastys, war. Most people use hacked clients, I am not, adds to the challenge. The reason I bring it up is I was wondering if anybody wants to join me, carve out a spot to plant a banner and add Icrontic to the jumble of factions. Content warnning however, the community is TOXIC, if you have any triggers I reccomend you install a client side mod to disable chat because it doesn't matter what it is the chat will hit all of them.

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