Discord Werewolf - pandEPIC: The Second Coming - Rules, Roles, Statuses, and Prize!

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Many years have passed since the happening. Werewolves infiltrated and destroyed the magical town of Norcciti. They killed or converted all of the residents, took what they wanted, and eventually moved on. Time passed. Nature took back the city. Buildings are now overgrown with plants and wildlife. Bamboo has grown taller than any of the city's walls. Wanderers came and went. Eventually travelers settled. Over time Norcciti was rebuilt. The town was alive again. Then the rumors began, just like before. Fear spreads through the small town with villagers reporting an alarming number of Pandas roaming at night that are then nowhere to be seen during the day. Are the werewolves back? Are they Werepandas? The good folks of Norcciti will have none of it! They have prepared themselves for pandEPIC: The Second Coming.


Above all, this is to be a fun Role Playing Game. Anything that may happen that is or is not defined by the rules may be altered on the fly by BobbyDigi. As this is Discord Werewolf, chat in the public room, PM, Group Chats or by any other means is not only allowed but encouraged. Just remember you may not know who you are talking to.

Please follow the rules about spreading information. In keeping the spirit of fun, do not give any information to anyone, by any means, as a ghost that you did not give out when alive unless allowed by your character and/or expressly allowed by BobbyDigi. For example if you did not reveal your role in the public chat before you died, saying "Oh no! I was the Seer, you're all going to regret that!" is not allowed. Please Please Please keep this in mind when chatting as a ghost and don't ruin the fun by accident. If you have any hesitation about giving information, please run it by BobbyDigi first. If you are disqualified for this, you will not be eligible for the prize.

Goal - Survive. We will play this out until all remaining alive players are on the same team or another win condition is met. All players on the winning team will be considered winners, dead or alive, unless otherwise defined by their role.

Teams and Roles - At the beginning of the game, roles will be assigned and teams based on the roles. The two teams are Werepandas and Villagers. Each player will know their own role and team affiliation and may be aware of information about others at the beginning of the game. Each player may have multiple roles and they may change throughout the game.

Death - People are going to die. It is part of the game. When a player dies, they will be told they are dead but possibly not why or how. Upon death, it will be announced in Discord that the player has died.

Ghosts - When you die, you will become a Ghost. Ghosts lock in their team at their time of death. If a player is killed by their own team, there is a 50% chance of them becoming a Vengeful Ghost and lock in the opposite team. As a Ghost you are allowed to continue chatting with other players by all means but you will not be able to cast votes. As we saw in the previous game, players may gain special powers when becoming a ghost.

Day / Night - The cycles will move forward as I see fit. They will likely last a few hours each and stretch out overnight real time so people don't have to set alarms to play. I'll try to give enough time for chat and votes and real time sleep. The current day or night cycle will be in the Discord chatroom description.

Kill Votes, Day - Each Day cycle, everyone still alive may PM BobbyDigi a kill vote.

Kill Votes, Night - Each Night cycle, everyone on Team Werepanda team may PM BobbyDigi a kill vote.

You can change your vote by simply submitting another vote. The last vote you have sent, when the Day/Night is announced over, will be counted as your vote (Discord Timestamps will be used if needed). Your role and status may affect if your vote actually counts, but you may submit a vote anyways. Any player may choose to not cast a vote. If there is a tie after all mechanics have been considered, the victim will be selected at random from tied players.


Protected - A player is being watched by another player and standard actions may not work as normal and may trigger abilities and actions that would not happen otherwise. The Protected player is told they are being protected but may not be told by who or what.

Ill - At the beginning of each day there is a 50% chance that it will be publicly announced that an ill player is ill. Players who are ill have a 50% chance for their vote to not count. When a player becomes ill, it will be randomly decided a length of 1-3 days before they are naturally cured.

Cursed - Can be on either team as most roles. If they are to be killed by the opposing team, they will be transferred to the other team instead.

Lover - During role assignment, at least one pair of Lovers will be chosen. The Lovers are informed about their love to the other player, but not about their Lover's role. The Love is mutual. If one Lover becomes ill, the other also becomes ill. If one lover dies, the other cannot bear the loss and also dies.



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    Team Werepanda

    Werepanda - The default "Bad". While a need more than a want, Werepandas gotta eat so werepandas gunna kill. Werepandas kill vote both at night and during the day. All votes from members of Team Werepanda will be considered, not just the pandas themselves. The terms Panda and Werepanda are interchangeable. Werepandas may or may not be seen as out of bed when out killing at night. If team Werepanda's nighttime target's bed is empty, the attempt will fail.

    Alpha Panda - In addition to being a Werepanda, they have a one time use ability that can only be used the night after a member of Team Werepanda dies. That night, they can bite a target, turning them into a panda at the end of the night. The night this ability is used, no nightly werepanda kill will take place.

    Big Bad Panda - A Werepanda with a one time use additional night time kill. Who's afraid? You should be.

    Elder Panda - The oldest and wisest Werepanda. The Elder Panda’s vote counts twice during night votes.

    Fallen Angel - The Fallen Angel can kill vote for Team Werepanda. If their target is then in the majority kill vote, their target can not be saved by any form of protection. If any other players are with/guarding the player killed by the Fallen Angel there will be a 50% chance of the Fallen Angel dying also. The Fallen Angel may restrain from voting to avoid this danger. If the Fallen Angel's role is revealed to anyone, it is seen as only "Angel". This role will only come into play if the Guardian Angel is turned to Team Werepanda.

    Doom Seer - Able to peer into the future and see how bad luck will befall someone, sealing their fate. The Doom Seer is considered a panda and has a kill vote for Team Werepanda. If their target is not killed, the target instead will be ill for the next day (will be reviled 100%) and die the following night unless cured. If the Doom Seer's role is revealed to anyone, it is seen as only "Seer". This role will only come into play if the Seer is turned to the panda team.

    Traitor - Can be any Villager role. Should all of the pandas die before the Traitor, the Traitor immediately turns into a Werepanda. If the Traitor is cured while still on the Villager team, they lose this ability and turn to the Villager team as a standard Villager. If the Traitor's role is revealed to anyone, it is seen as only "Villager".

    Nocturnal - A villager on team Wearpanda. The Nocturnal is up all night and can notice if someone at random is out of their bed that night.

    Panda Cub - This cub is too damn cute. Some might think a cub would be easy to destroy but they would be dead wrong. Panda Cub can not be killed by the Sniper and is seen as a Villager by everyone but the Seer.

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    Team Villager

    Villager - The default "Good". The village contains many roles of Villagers who work together to keep their village and each other safe. Such as life, some are better at this than others. Some are not as they seem. All villagers may vote to kill someone each day.

    Captain - Each villager team member will cast a private vote on the first day. The Villager team member that gets the most votes will become Captain. A tie will be broken randomly. Only the Captain will be told they are Captain. The first time the Captain is attempted to be killed by Pandas, they will survive.

    Masons - A group of villagers that’s relationship goes back many generations. Some say their ancestors were present during the first werewolf invasion of Norcciti. This group of villagers are all aware of each other’s Villager team status at the start of the game.

    Guardian Angel - Able to guard someone at night. Their target is Protected. Should that person be targeted for death by the pandas, the target will survive and the Guardian Angel's identity will be revealed to the pandas and they can not protect anyone the next night. The Guardian Angel can guard themselves, but cannot guard the same person multiple nights in a row. If the Guardian Angel is protecting another player, their bed is empty. If the Guardian Angel's role is relieved to anyone, it is seen as only "Angel". The Guardian Angel transforms into a Fallen Angel if they join team Werepanda.

    Clone - Upon being given the role of clone, the clone chooses another player as their target. The clone is seen and acts as a villager until their target dies for any reason at which point the clone inherits all current roles, statuses, and abilities of their target.

    Village Drunk - Villager without any inherent powers. The Village Drunk is ill by default. If the Village Drunk is cured, they become ill at the beginning of the next night. It is not uncommon for the Village Drunk to wander around at night, leaving their bed empty. They also have a tendency to fall asleep in empty beds they come across.

    Seer - May attempt to see the role of any one other player once per night. The Seer's visions are not flawless and will at times fail. Sometimes, when gaining particularly powerful information, they can fall ill. The Seer transforms into a Doom Seer if they join team Werepanda.

    Harlot - Able to visit someone at night but may choose to stay home. The visited player is informed they are being visited by the Harlot. If the Harlot visits a villager, the target is protected. If the Harlot visits a panda there are equal chances of A. They are told their target is a werepanda and have a 50% chance of becoming ill or B. They die. If the Harlot dies in this way, the werepanda team will not vote that night as their hunger has been satisfied by delivery. If the Harlot visits an ill player, there is a 50% chance they will become ill. If the Harlot is ill when they visit a player, there is a 50% chance that player will become ill. If the Harlot's target's bed is empty, they might just sleep there anyways.

    Detective - May decide to identify one target's roles once each day. The target's role is always revealed to the Detective but not necessarily their team affiliation. The target will be aware the Detective has targeted them. There is a 50% chance that the Detective's identity is also revealed to the target when an Identity is revealed via this power. The Detective is not told the results of that chance.

    Doctor - May cure one player at the beginning of each day cycle. If the target is a villager and is ill, the ill status will be removed. If the target is a villager and is healthy, the target becomes protected for the following night. If the target is on the Werepanda team, the target becomes ill. There is a 50% chance the Doctor's identity is revealed to the target. The results of the cure attempts are not revealed to the Doctor. If a Villager protected by the Doctor is the target of the Werepandas, the kill attempt will fail and one or more Werepandas will become ill due to hunger.

    Sniper - Each night the Sniper may choose to watch someone to gather information. Their target is protected. Information gathered will be given to the Sniper at the end of the night. Any night cycle after the first, the Sniper may choose to use a one time action to kill their target. If the Werepandas and Sniper have the same target in a night, there is a separate but equal 50% chance they will see the other. If the Werepandas see the Sniper, the Sniper's identity is revealed to a Werepanda but not specifically that they are the Sniper. If the Sniper sees the Werepandas, the Sniper will be told the identity of one of the pandas at random but not specifically that they are a werepanda. Any visitors to the Sniper when they are using their ability will find an empty bed.

    Bodyguard - May protect someone at night. Should the Bodyguard's target be the target of death that night for any reason, the target will survive and the bodyguard has a chance of dying and/or their identity being revealed. The Bodyguard can choose not to protect anyone. The Bodyguard may protect the same person multiple nights in a row but each night after the first, The Bodyguard is then guaranteed to die if their target is the same as the Pandas. If the Bodyguard is protecting another player, their bed is empty.

    Whisperer - Has a bond with one of the Werepandas. Both parties are aware of this bond but neither is aware of the other's identity. They are able to speak to each other telepathically but may not be able to reveal identities. Their bond grows stronger as time passes and these abilities may change. There may come a point when a choice must be made and one of them will change teams to be with the other or they will both die.

    Headhunter - While allegiant to Villagers, the Headhunter has a seething hatred for another villager. They only win with Team Villager if their target is dead along with the Werepandas.

    Alchemist - At the end of any day the Alchemist has not used, and does not currently have, a potion, they will choose a Life or Curse potion. The next night they will brew the potion and at the beginning of the next day cycle, they will receive that potion. The Alchemist may use a potion at any time. A Life potion brings a target ghost back to life. A Curse potion curses the target. The Alchemist's potions can not be applied to themself and they can throw away a potion at any time. Changing of teams does not change the Alchemist's power at all.

    Mentalist - Each night chooses a pair of players and is told if those players are on the same team. No roles are seen nor is the team itself seen, just if they are on the same team or not. Once a player is a target of the Mentalist, they are removed from the pool of the Mentalist’s available targets for the rest of the game.

    Believer - The Believer accepts there is a higher being. At the beginning of any day or night cycle, the Believer can ask the higher being to protect another player. The Believer may change their target at the beginning of any day or night cycle. From that point on, the Believer's target is protected and would not die if targeted for death. If the target is saved in this manner, the Believer loses this power and collects a vial of their tears. During any day cycle, the Believer may shower a target with their tears. If the target is on Team Werepanda, the target dies and the Believer regains the power of the higher being. If the target is on the villager team, the Believer dies.

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    The winning team will be the subject of a piece of art created by Icrontic's own Portzebie. Each player of the winning team, irrelevant if they were dead or alive at the end of the game, will be sent an archival worthy print.

    Note: There is a much larger set of players this time than last. We may not be able to feature everyone on the winning team in the art but we'll play it out and Zeb and I will discuss how to move forward.

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