PandEpic Prizes!

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Hey y'all,

Here's the current list of prizes! Stay tuned for more.


1 Quantum Age Adventures (Recycled Comics omnibus)
1 One year premium membership to
1 Pair of Custom Earrings from The Crafty Archivist @WagsFTW
1 $50 giftcard to
1 3 month gift card for Crunchyroll Premium
1 Hornmug
1 PS5 Controller
1 Harley Quinn “Mini Glass set” of 4 shot glasses (x1)

3 Pandepic laser etched Yeti cups with lid and straw
1 KrakenDice Leather Dice Tray
1 The Mandalorian gift set (socks, "the child" 12oz mug, Grogu enamel keychain)
1 8" Tom Nook plush with 151g bag of sour skittles
1 8" Koopa Paratroopa plush with 191g bag of starburst
1: Mega Construx Charizard kit
1 Among Us: Crewmate Plush (Choose color)
1 Splendor Board Game (Marvel or Regular Edition)
1 Sushi Go
1 Codenames
1 Codenames Disney
1 Telestrations After Dark
1 Canvas art piece, Marvel, 2 pieces



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