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I haven't seen a thread about cookware, etc. So I felt that it was time to put forth this discussion. It should be fun to see what everyone else is into cooking and what they use so post what you use and what you like to cook. Also post your wish lists of kitchen tools. Hell, why not include everything kitchen from utensils to appliances. Lets have some fun with this!

I like to cook (and eat) almost anything from glop to gourmet. I have taken classes in French Continental, general Italian, Southern Italian, Northern Italian, Spanish, Mexican and Asian. I really got into cooking when I was a wine buyer in the 80's. I grew up on Eastern European, BBQ and basic American staples.

I have generally had decent stuff in the past. But for the better part of the past dozen or so years was I had been in flux as I worked away from home and didn't cook much at that time. Now that I have been home full time for the past 2+ years I have been cooking more and more. That is when I felt the pinch of using a hodge podge conglomeration of cooking tools. So I decided to start collecting new cookware and cutlery to make cooking more enjoyable. While I have had names like All Clad, Viking, Henckels and Wusthof in the past I wasn't looking forward to the cost they command. So I looked at other brands and decided to try made-in by purchasing their Carbon Steel Wok and 3.5 qt Stainless Saucier. I fell in love with the 5ply stainless Saucier and was ready to try more of the 5 ply stainless line. So I got the 4 qt saucepan with lid, 3.5 qt sauté pan with lid and 8" and 10" stainless pans. Let me say the stainless pans are really nice to use and are my new crepe and egg pans. After learning how to season and use the carbon steel wok I got 1 10" carbon steel pan. I am now so in love with the carbon steel pan and wok that I use them whenever I can put anything in a pan. After seasoning similar to cast iron they are slick like non-stick and conductive like cast iron. The carbon steel pans also brown and braise like nothing else. And after some good seasoning and use are an easy clean up. All the stainless is as good as the Viking and All Clad I have had in the past. I am now looking forward to getting a 12" carbon steel pan, 12 qt stock pot and 5 qt saucier. While I already had 2 blocks of J.A. Henckels knives I have always liked the thought of the Japanese style knives over the German style. The Japanese style are cut to a sharper bevel and lighter than German knives. And I have always liked the look of Global knives (which I first saw on "Cooking with Giada") and decided to get a set. I have been more than impressed with these and use them now for everything but the heaviest jobs, which is where the heavier German knives excell.



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    Nice collection of pots and pans. global knife set looks good too.

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    QVC just ran a special on a 10 inch, 12 inch Carbon Steel pans and a universal silicone cover for $179, -15 for new QVC customers, -$60 if you sign up for a Q card = $104. So I couldn't pass it up. Once again, I am totally in love with these pans.

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    We need a new bread knife. Didn't know what a good one would do t bread until we took a loaf to my parents for Christmas and got to use theirs instead of our second hand one.

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    I have this one.
    It came with my set 5+ years ago. Works really well.

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    That does seem to be the bread knife suppose to retain its edge the longest which is what I generally care about the most, outside of the effortless bread slicing

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