Icrontic St Paddy's / Marche du Nain Rouge 2022

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Hello! We're back!

March 17-20, with a firm "out" date of the 21st for our house guests.

Please indicate if you need sleeping arrangements in the house! You can also use this discussion to plan mini-events and travel plans (like airport pickups).

If it's been a while since you joined us, please review our house guest expectations: https://icrontic.com/discussion/101201

As with our previous two events, we are requiring vaccination and booster shots, but will not be checking cards. We'll have the same policy for Expo in June.

On Sunday Mar 20, there will be a parade in which anyone can participate. https://www.marchedunainrouge.com

In particular, @PinkInDetroit is looking for folks to participate in her French canoe/musical "float", so reach out to her in Discord if you're interested in some costume fun. They'll be meeting at noon that day.


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    Attic Spaes plz.
    March 18th 9:48pm Delta Airlines
    March 21st 9:15pm Delta Airlines

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