Climbing at Expo!

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Announcement: We will be adding a rock climbing event to the schedule opposite the 5K on Friday. Meetup time for rideshare will be 9 a.m. on the ICHQ porch. If you miss that, it's not far by Lyft/Uber. Price for a day pass + shoes is 25$. If you want to rent a harness for higher climbing it's an additional 3$. I will not be collecting money for this event, payment will be at the establishment. We're going to DYNO Detroit climbing space, here's there website with their info: You will have to fill out a waiver and attend a safety briefing if this is your first visit, they don't take long. We'll be there for ~3 hours, cutoff at noon to give folks time for lunch prior to the day's next event. It's a ton of fun, looking forward to some challenging climbs!

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