Covid Preparations for Expo Icrontic 2022

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As we get closer to the event, we've had a lot of questions about what the community feels is "safe" when dealing with folks who have recently had Covid. After discussion with the event planning team and a review of the CDC's current guidelines, this is the policy we're putting in place.

These guidelines assume you are vaccinated per attendee requirements and arriving Wed 22 June or Thu 23 June. “Today” means 16 June.

First, everyone:

  • Please rapid test or PCR test before travel.
  • Please mask during travel.
  • Please avoid being unmasked in indoor, crowded, public spaces during the event (like a busy bar).

Do NOT attend Expo if:

  • You have a strong feeling you’ve been exposed OR tested positive OR showed symptoms TOMORROW, 17 JUNE or later.

Wear a mask indoors at Expo (SPECIFICALLY AN N-95 IN THE BASEMENT) if:

  • You have a strong feeling you’ve been exposed OR first tested positive OR first show symptoms SUNDAY 12 JUNE thru TODAY.
  • You just like being safer.

Please LEAVE Expo if:

  • You develop a fever, body ache, or a persistent cough or sore throat during Expo.
  • You test positive for Covid during Expo (please ask Lincoln or Brian for a test if you need one).

If you cannot attend Expo due to this policy, we will ship your swag to you and cast your tickets in prizes of your choice (within reason for shipping costs). Please notify Lincoln to coordinate.

If you are concerned an attendee is not following these rules, please notify Brian or Lincoln with whatever information you have. Please do not police coughs yourself.

Surgical masks are available on the first floor. N95s are available on request.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need clarification.

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