EXPO 2022 Prize List

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  • be quiet DARK ROCK PRO 4 CPU Cooler

  • Deep Rock Galactic Inspired Beer Mug - 3D Printed

  • Bob Ross Art of Chill Board Game

  • Skyline Chili Prize Pack

  • (2) Overwatch Genji Hoodie (Xl, 2XL)
  • Funko Pop TF2 Medic
  • Funko Pop TF2 Scout
  • The Black Series 6" The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor)

  • Handmade Leather Icrontic Wallet

  • Leather dice bag
  • (5) IC Leather keychains including 3 custom to be delivered later (By QCH)
  • Humble House Variety 5-pack of Hot Sauce (1) (To be shipped later by HumerusMeg)
  • (3) Yeti 16 oz pint mugs with slider tops - Laser etched with EPIC logo
  • System76 Launch mechanical keyboard with Box Royal switches
  • 1500 Piece World of Warcraft or Overwatch Good Loot Puzzles
  • Sobek 2 Player Board Game
  • (3) Qwertee T-Shirt (2x Men's Large, 1x Women's XL)
  • Texas Pack: Buccee's nuggets and chamoy gummy bears and butter tortilla candle
  • Not Fucking Interested Coffee Mug
  • Harley Quinn Funko Pops x5
  • Among Us Crewmate Figure with stamper (white)
  • Backpack hanger blind bag
  • On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden (queer space opera romance graphic novel)
  • Felis Futura: An Anthology of Future Cats, signed by the Editor (1)
  • Five-part canvas print of a Brotherhood Assassin surrounded by flames (1)
  • Five-part canvas print of a Black Dragon before a red landscape (1)
  • (8) Nerd PC art - obsolete pc parts mounted them to wooden frames. Each include hardware to mount up on a wall. Types below:
    **SCSI Card
    ** Cinemaster Audio Card
    ** 2 sticks of RAM
    ** 3 sticks of RAM
    ** Stock cooler heatsink
    ** Thermaltake tower heatsink/fan

  • ASUS Motherboard

  • MSI Motherboard
  • Genuine Gamer Girl Bathwater
  • MSI Urban Raider Laptop Backpack for up to 17"" laptops

  • (2) Overwatch Widowmaker or Mercy ergo mousepad

  • Baby Yoda Chia Pet
  • Leather Journal
  • Lepai Digital Audio Amplifier
  • Inhuman Conditions Board Game
  • (3) Cards agains Humanity packs: Period, Weed Pack, Cards against humanity
  • Piranha Hat from Mario
  • Wonder Woman Bracelet
  • Nick Fury FIgurine
  • 2018 and 2022 IC pint glasses (6 of each)
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