Board Game Real Time Roundup (BGRTR)

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Welcome to Board Game Real Time Roundup! Many Icrontians enjoy playing board games on BoardGameArena (BGA) but due to the nature of our schedules, most games we play are setup as turn-based. This is great for allowing us to get in our favorite games in small windows of downtime, but one downside is the minimization of actually socializing together while we play our favorite board games. The goal of this weekly event is to get together interested fellow Icrontians on Discord chat in order to actually socailize a bit while playing our boardgames on BGA, with the added bonus that some of the games on BGA simply play better in a real-time format vs a turn-based one.

In order to take part in games during BGRTR, there are two things you must do:

  1. Create an account on BGA if you do not already have one. This is free; you do not need to purchase a Premium membership unless you want to have the ability to host certain Premium-tier games.
  2. Send a request to Colgere either on Discord or the forum requesting an invite to the Mitey Worriers group if you are not already a member. This is how we organize our game setups.

Below is the initial schedule for BGRTR, along with the inital game that I'll be hosting at the start time. Note, the game listed will only be the first game that I am hosting to start the night out with and that I expect to start different games throughout each session. Also, nothing prevents anyone else from starting a game on BGA that they want to play unless you try to start a Premium-tier game as a non-Premium BGA member. While I've scheduled the events initially on Wednesdays, I have made two different time slots on alternating weeks as I'll evaluate the feedback to this event after the first four weeks and can move the days/times to better suit as many people as possible if needed. Keep in mind that this event may overlap with other weekly Icrontic events but that's not an issue. Do what you want. :)

Even if you don't wish to play, feel free to hop into chat and say hi, or you can spectate ongoing games in BGA (it has a feature to allow this). On Discord we will probably be in the Meeple Pyramid channel unless it conflicts with another event; in which case we'll adjust accordingly.

First four weeks schedule - set up to try different days/times to see what works best and will evaluate day/time based on initial feedback:

  1. Catan (4 players per game) - Wed. 7/13/22 7:30-9:30pm EST
  2. Carcassonne (5 players per game) - Tues. 7/19/22 9:00-11:00pm EST
    *3. Azul (4 players per game) - Mon. 7/25/22 - 8:00-10:00pm EST
  3. Tokaido (5 players per game) - Fri. 8/5/22 - 9:30-11:30pm EST
  • #3 is now a joint event with 50 Different Game Nights 'Til EpIC23! Details will still be found in this thread or in the BGRTR thread in the #Tabletop Discord channel.

If you have any suggestions for starting games or any other ideas, please feel free to post on Discord or the forum thread or the PM me on either platform.

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