was testing cards for fun but i have a question "3080TI and 3090"

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so i was testings cards the "TUF Gaming GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti OC Edition" and the "EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 XC3 ULTRA GAMING"

Why is the 3080 TI Faster then the 3090??? by 10~15 more FPS?? is it because the 3080 TI OC has Higher boost clock??
"3080TI OC"
1785 MHz (Boost Clock)
1755 MHz (Boost Clock)
1725 MHz (Boost Clock)



  • I'm not sure of all the specifics but I know from time to time at lower resolutions a card that perhaps saves some other TDP overhead for more memory and a higher clock memory bus may be able to boost the main GPU core higher and deliver better performance at say 1080P low to medium settings. If you stress each card at 4K ultra settings then you should probably see the architecture differences of the 3090 kick in and win in those benchmarks. At least that's my guess on what you might be seeing.

  • litenkulitenku Maryland Member

    So it's important to take this into some perspective. 10-15fps faster at 45 fps makes a large difference. At 300+FPS, it's essentially noise, and can probably _ be considered rounding error. I _suspect that, as Cliff_Forster states above, that the cards aren't 10-15fps faster at 4k with many details turned on (or at 1440p). Where are you seeing 10-15 more FPS (links?).
    Also, this comment probably isn't relevant 3 months after the initial post. In that time, EVGA has decided to bow out of the GPU world, which means that buying any EVGA GPU at this time might not be the best idea, despite them having generally better support than most other GPU vendors.

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