Logitech MX Master 3S vs MX Vertical vs Lift for graphic design

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I'm tired of my old mouse for Lightroom, Ps, editing and drawing. I came to the conclusion that I like the concept of the MX Master 3S as it has enough of what I need without going overboard. However I have wrist and elbow issues that flare up from time to time and like the MX Vertical and Lift for that reason. But the later 2 don't really have enough other features. Is the Master enough to help? Are the verticals really lacking too much for serious work? As I write this I feel like I am starting to lean toward the Master and its full features more. I tried the master and MX Vertical in the store but I wouldn't really know till i had some time to get acquainted.


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    HOLY COW, it's been a long time. Sorry for not replying but the community migrated to Discord until we can transition the forums to a new format/technology. I don't have an answer, btw. Just wanted to say hi!

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