Nominations for the Icrontic Board of Trustees are now open

LincLinc OwnerDetroit Icrontian

Hello friends, I'm happy to announce the wait is over! You can nominate yourself or another Icrontic member to the new Board of Trustees using this form:

Please make your nominations by the end of April!

Not sure what this means? Read the background: The path to the Icrontic Board of Trusteesespecially read the charter attached to my last comment there!

We will be selecting no fewer than two additional Board members. Our process for selecting additional trustees will be for the current Board (myself, Brian, and Sarah) to select a pool of finalists from the applications received and conduct one interview per candidate at a time that's convenient for all 4 of us. We'll then make our final selections.

Joining the Board is an act of volunteerism for the community. It does not involve directly moderating members nor technically running our systems. It is the oversight body for all Icrontic business that appoints the leadership for those areas. Experience working as part of a committee is valuable but not required.

Feel free to post your questions here or in the Discord #meta channel.

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