Gigabyte 7NNXP NForce2 Motherboard

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edited July 2003 in Science & Tech
Gigabyte's 7NNXP NFORCE2 motherboard pulls away from the competition. The 7NNXP beat out the enthusiast's favorite, the ASUS A7N8X, in 15 out of 19 of Short-Media's benchmark tests. Gigabyte continues to produce motherboards that challenge the leaders for performance. Their NFORCE2 platform brings a few unique additions including a Dual Power Voltage Regulator Module (DPVRM) and Dual Channel DDR across four DIMMs. Gigabyte also throws in their patented Dual BIOS and EasyTune4 along with Dual LAN and 6-Channel sound (NVIDIA SoundStorm including Dolby Digital 5.1).

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