SyGate Pro 5.0

SlickSlick Upstate New York
edited July 2003 in Science & Tech
Ok, I tried this beast out, and I am impressed. Seems to be a very good software firewall.


  • WuGgaRoOWuGgaRoO Not in the shower Icrontian
    edited July 2003
    i havnt really tried it out...can you compare it to more familiar firewalls?
  • SlickSlick Upstate New York
    edited July 2003
    ZoneAlarm Pro is not as good in my opinion. I used to use ZAP, it did have a very easy to use interface, but it was unstable and kept crashing my computer. Sygate is almost as user friendly, but not quite. We are all tech people here anyway, right? I would suggest you give it a go, it is a very very nice software firewall.
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
    edited July 2003
    Have you ever tried Tiny Personal Firewall (v2) slick?

  • profdlpprofdlp The Holy City Of Westlake, Ohio
    edited July 2003
    I used to use Zone Alarm (free version). This was about a year and a half ago. About every six weeks it would knock me clear off the internet - for good. The only solution was to uninstall ZA, then manually clean every trace of it from the registry.

    I decided that I might as well let the hackers wipe me out, rather than do it to myself. (I am behind a Linksys router, so I'm not totally exposed).

    I installed the free version of Sygate earlier this week and have been very impressed. (Forgot to tell it to allow F@H access, which cost me a couple hours folding, until I woke up and noticed it.)

    I have heard nothing but good things about Tiny Personal Firewall, and intend to try it on the computer I'll be putting together next week. (Got to make up for those lost folding hours;) )

  • SlickSlick Upstate New York
    edited July 2003
    Naw, I havent tried tiny, I think I am going to stick with sygate. On of my friends probed my computer and said it was like a black hole. If anyone else wants to help me scan it send me PM.
  • GHoosdumGHoosdum Icrontian
    edited July 2003
    I've had nothing but great luck with Sygate. IMHO it's the best freeware firewall out there.
  • MediaManMediaMan Powered by loose parts.
    edited July 2003
    Learn about configuring Sygate here

    Really check yourself out with comprehensive tests at this site
  • TobinTobin Philadelphia, PA
    edited July 2003
    I seem to be in the majority - I, too, have been happy with SyGate. Though ZoneAlarm never gave me problems either.
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