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I recently started getting this error. I re-installed it a couple times a suggested, it works for a while, then i get the error again. Anyone know what's up?


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    It may have something to do with a recent patch released for WMP9 that you might have installed, but that is just speculation.

    I had a quick flick through the MKB to no avail, but I can suggest a few things.

    Try using System Restore to move your system files back to a date before you installed WMP9 or at least before you started having problems, if a relevant restore point exists that is. Then try re-installing it. At first though, make sure you don't download and install any update pactches for it once you have re-installed it.

    Also, you could try removing any update patches that you feel might be responsible for the programs behavier.

    If though in the event you don't have a valid or relevant restore point available to you, I suggest you uninstall the Media Player normally once more, through add/remove programs, but this time try and kill as many registry entries as you can (using a registry editor) that are WM9 related and also try and delete as many files as you can that are exclusive to WMP9 that might remain after uninstall. Just remember though, back up your registry and set a system restore point before you do any registry fiddling.

    Let me know how you get on.

  • shwaipshwaip bluffin' with my muffin Icrontian
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    I think i found the problem. Even though windows reinstalled it, it kept the 'new' version of wmp.dll (3008), so i deleted it, and when it reinstalled, it installed 2980

    thx for the reply Spinner
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