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WuGgaRoOWuGgaRoO Not in the shower Icrontian
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I was told there is some way i can enable SSE if ui have a dual p2 setup...wellive got one going now...im using the beta 3.25 and -forceasm -advmethods ...and still...no sse


  • FoldingAddictFoldingAddict Montgomery, AL
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    ROFL! You heard wrong.:D

    SSE is just an extra set of instructions that's put into the CPUs "dictionary of codes". Having a dual P2 machine rather than a single CPU P2 machine changes nothing, the P2s still don't have SSE in their architecture.

  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
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    FA is correct. P2s have no optimizations FAH can use.
  • WuGgaRoOWuGgaRoO Not in the shower Icrontian
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    what about p3 slot 1? Do they have sse? (im looking to change this dual 450mhz to a dual 600hmz...)
    mmonnin said that the 900mhz machine would serve me better...it must have been a miscommunication between the two of yus..he must have been referring to a regualr p3 900hmz, while i was referring to a dual p2 450mhz
  • SimGuySimGuy Ottawa, Canada
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    Is there a way to software emulate SSE?
  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
    edited July 2003
    Well someone asked, or was it you, whether 2 P2s total at 900 would be better than another 1 CPU machine at 900 mhz. I said it would be better for a P3 at 900mhz cause P3s have SSE. At least ones at that speed do.

    As far as I know I dont think so SimGuy. SSE, SSE, 3dnow, ednow!, MMX and all the rest are codes directly on the CPU. Software programs can take advantage of SSE, 3dnow!, etc which will speed up processes like gromacs.

    WuG. Check 'Inhell's' site or look for a review of a Slot 1 P3.
  • gibbonslgibbonsl Grand Forks AFB
    edited July 2003
    the p3 do have sse support if i remember correctly

    p4 have sse2 i think its called
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