Trouble with SP4

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I seems Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000 is having some problems. Round of applause for Microsoft.
"Well, here are the first fixes for the fix (already)(again). Check out these MS KB Articles: 195008, 819332, 821892, 822140, 822626, 823405, and 823441. Expect more. Anybody out there old enough to remember NT4 SP6 (or was it 6a)?"
More info:
• Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE): As with Win2K SP3, SP4 has IE problems that control whether SP4 appears in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel applet. If you install SP4, then install IE, SP4 doesn't appear in the Add/Remove Programs list. If this happens and you want to remove SP4, you need to go to the Spuninstall directory and manually run the spuninst.exe utility.
• Hotfix conflicts: Microsoft has released 33 hotfixes to selected customers, and these hotfixes aren't compatible with Win2K SP4. Although these hotfixes don't prevent installation of SP4, you must install the new post-SP4 version to ensure the hotfix functions properly. SP4's setup utility is aware of all 33 hotfixes, won't install service pack files that conflict with files in any of these hotfixes, and will warn you that you need to install the updated versions. You'll find a list of the hotfixes you need to update in the Microsoft article "Some Windows 2000 Hotfixes May Cause a Conflict with Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000" ( The post-SP4 versions are available from Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS).
• Symantec's Norton Personal Firewall and Norton Internet Security 2001: SP4 is incompatible with both security products. If you install SP4 on a system running either of these utilities, IE times out when you browse a Web page, and Microsoft NetMeeting might take several minutes to accept incoming calls. Symantec has updates for both products that eliminate these incompatibilities.
More info:
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