CuteFTP Pro 3.2 Build 7.01.1 Final Released

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The latest version of CuteFTP Pro is availble for download. CuteFTP is a very popular application used to transfer files to and from FTP servers.
What's New

- Clear Command Channel (CCC) support for SSL connections: Located under 'Site Settings' -> 'Type' tab, and you select SSL Implicit or Explicit from the Protocol Type drop down list. When CCC is enabled, the command channel will be set to "clear-text" just prior to the data channel being established. This helps when connecting to SSL servers through a NAT firewall. Authentication and transfers will still be encrypted, however navigation will not, once the CCC command is set. This is in accordance with RFC 2228.
- ClearCommandChannel property added to Pro TE COM interface (refer to help file for details)
- UNC Pathname support added to Pro TE COM interface: Example: MySite.LocalFolder = "\\computername\sharename"
- Time & usage based registration mechanism: Registration type to be based on the serial number supplied

Defects Fixed

- Smart Keep Alive not shutting off after 10061 connection failure fixed
- VAX/VMS File rename bug fixed
- Menu bar item placement fixed
- Overwrite dialog width adjusted
- Link navigation logic bug fixed
- Various missing tool tips added
- Various log deletion bugs fixed
- Various small GUI fixes
- Repeated line item numbers in queue bug fixed
- Quick connect using previous path bug fixed
- Reuse of browser session for transfer bug fixed
- Copy function bug in integrated editor fixed
- Help topics launching new window bug fixed

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Download Link:
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