Do we have to keep the same rules as at Icrontic??

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Do we have to keep the same rules as at Icrontic??

This is actually a serious question. I mean like the no foul language & no nudity policy (i.e. no nippleage in the Babe Thread), is it for legal reasons or just to keep good general conduct?


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  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
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    The rules are posted in about every forum to set the tone.

    The way we mod depends on how often people break/abuse them. If you guys are relaxed here then so are we. None of us like seeing anyone banned so dont get to the point where we have to decide.
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  • JimboraeJimborae Newbury, Berks, UK New
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    Thanx I appreciate the comments and understand the reasons given.

    I wondered because at my other home there is place for established members where the rules are relaxed a little and I wondered if there is any intention of doing anything like that here.
    Personally, I don't think its such a good adea because it would create exclusivity in my mind, and thats not always a good thing.


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    The forum posting rules evolved over my 3 years of experience at Icronticforums. Posting images that fall under the classification of nude (partial or in whole) is considered pornography which is illegal in a public forum. Any other activities defined as illegal such as warez are also not allowed.

    The no profanity rule is quite simple in its intent. We feel there are better ways to express oneselves and while most members do not resort to a constant use of profanity there are others that seemingly use it as often as breathing. This can drastically and negatively change the tone of the forums and can degrade the overall image, friendliness and direction of these forums.

    The forum posting rules were partially inspired by the Human Rights Act. We believe that there should be equality whatever a member's race, religon, sex, belief, ability and orientation is.

    There may be some members that may try to argue the forum posting rules. They may quote Freedom of Speech. They may cry censorship. The posting rules are publicly displayed and any member who does not agree with them does have the choice of not participating in a membership.

    We want to foster a fun, friendly and informative site that new users and veterans can openly discuss, ask questions or make comments without fear of being ridiculed or drawing flames. We don't like hostile members. We don't like flame wars. We don't like harrassment. The forum posting rules allow the moderating team to exercise fair control and guidance and we would rather provide a gentle nudge than heavy handed action.

    All we ask is for members to use common sense in their postings. There aren't really a lot of restrictions. If you want Playboy. If you want warez...there are sites. If you want to swear in every post...there are other sites for that. If you want to get into flame wars...again...there are other sites that can accommodate this.

    The moderating staff is one of the best around. You'll find them approachable, helpful and knowledgable. Any questions....PM one of them or give us some feedback. :)
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