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<a href="; target=_blank>The Inquirer: <b>AMD readies price cuts, Opteron, Clawhammer intros</b></a>

AMD will use the 28th of July date to make price changes on its Athlon MP (multiprocessing CPUs), and will also cut prices on Opterons as well as releasing new models.

These moves, in part is prompted by the Xeon price cuts and the introduction of a 1MB Xeon cache, still slated for the 13th of July, according to our information.

The prices are for CPUs in trays, rather than the boxed versions sold through Avnet, AMD's master distributor.

On the 28th, AMD will price the MP 2800+ at $220, the MP2600+ at $170, the MP 2400+ at $125 and the MP 2200+ at $113. The MP 2000+ will fade into the memory, it's being "EOLed" (end of lined).

The uniprocessor socket 940 Opteron 144 will cost $650, the 142 $427, and the 140 $220.

Meanwhile, the Opteron 244 will be priced at $670, the 242 at $440, and the 240 at $250.

The new Opteron 246 will cost $767 at its launch.

Prices for the Opteron 800 series are $2050 for the 844, $1250 for the 842 and $730 for the 840, according to the normally reliable sources.

More intriguingly, while AMD will introduce its Athlon 64 in September, so meeting its promise, the first iteration appears to be a 940 pin socket, according to our information. That will quickly shift to a 939 pin Athlon 64 and AMD will released its "value family" of Athlon 64s with 512K of level two cache and using the more widely expected Socket 754. It hasn't set prices on these introductions yet. µ


<a href="; target=_blank>The Inquirer: <b>Intel set to cut Xeon prices by a third, launch 1MB cache version</b></a>

Intel is set to slash and burn prices on a range of its Xeon server chips on the 13th of July next.

The 3.06A Xeon which uses the 533MHz system bus beloved of the Pentium 4s of yore, will launch on the 13th and that will precipitate an avalanche of price cuts.

It will cost $690 and will include 1MB of cache, according to our information. Its launch will push down the price of the 3.06GHz 533 Xeon to an affordable $455.

Dealers will get a $24 rebate on boxed Xeons on this date. And again, on that date, the 3.06GHz Xeon ordinaire will drop by a third, with a $16 rebate. The 3GHz will drop by 35 per cent, with a rebate of $16 as well.

The 2.8GHz Xeon, not to be compared with the "Gallatin" microprocessor of the same frequency speed will drop by nearly one third, along with the 400MHz Xeon clocking at a similar rate.

The 2.66GHz Xeon with a 533MHz system bus will drop by 10 per cent, and Intel will drop the distributor/dealer rebate to $5.

Mr 2.60GHz Xeon will drop off the road maps, but its price is likely to fall by 15%, distributors in South Africa tell us. µ
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