My Apology

edited July 2003 in Community
Hello Short Media. I will make it clear right off the bat. This is m33pins, meepins. meeps -- Whichever you knew me by. I am sorry for several things. I am sorry for making the forums redirect to You people did not need to have to see that. I am sorry for the down time, the time in which all members could not access the site. I am sorry for the money and time I have caused Primesuspect. I am sorry that I exploited Shorty's and Fuxor's passwords.

Other then the redirect I have done nothing else. Do not fear I took private information or anything of the sort. The crime I commited was not intended to cause such a fiasco. I did it without thinking through the coinsiquences and I hope everyone can learn from my mistake.

Primesuspect will be posting an article of sort, written by myself, which explains my actions and how to protect yourself in the future.

I am probably the most hated person on this forum. I accept that.

Once again I am sorry for what I have done. You may PM me if you wish to speak your mind or whatever. Thank you for your time and I hope you accept my apology.
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