Apache2 problem

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I just recently formatted and installed windows 2000 server. I installed apache2 and it says the instalation went good, but when I try and start apache I get the error in the picture below. Any suggestions on what i can do?

Things I've tried:
Reinstalling it.
Kicking my computer a couple times.

///edit: the picture is really huge and i haven't had time to install photoshop. so here's what the error says:

the system cannot find the specified. : No installed service named "Apache2".


  • TemplarTemplar You first.
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    Try installing it to a different location.

    Also you might wanna try installing Apache 1.x.xx and see if it'll install. If that fails, you might wanna take the format stick to your HDD again.

    Oh yeah, check and see if the service is listed under the "services" location under Admin tools :)
  • AuthorityActionAuthorityAction Missouri Member
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    Tried installing to a different location... Did the same thing.

    Apache2 isn't listed as a service, is there a way I can add it?

    I'll try apache 1.*.* later tonight.
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