Kazaa Lite 2.4.0 Released

SpinnerSpinner Birmingham, UK
edited July 2003 in Science & Tech
A new version of the popular peer to peer download software is now available. New features include the ability to have up to 40 download sources per file and added 'search more' functionality.

Download link:

News source and more info:

Tech tip: May I also suggest that you fully uninstall your previous version of Kazaa before installing this one, to make sure the program runs as it should, and not by using the old versions program files. A typical sign that your installation of 2.4.0 isn't running as it should, is if the system tray icon isn't silver and the program information/splash screen doesn't clearly read Kazaa lite version 2.4.0.


  • PreacherPreacher Potomac, MD Icrontian
    edited July 2003
    Thanks, Spinner. I don't know how I'd feed my music and anime addictions without KL and WinMX.
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