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SputnikSputnik Worcester, MA
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i must have gotten a java error sometime yesterday (i have no idea when as i didn't use anything java related (to my knowledge) yesterday) as i found the attached dump on my desktop this morning. any idea what it is?

i'm using sun's VM 1.4.2 (installed friday right after windows) on WinXP SP1...

any ideas would be appreciated as the way it seems to be phrased is kinda disturbing.


  • SpinnerSpinner Birmingham, UK
    edited July 2003
    Are you still getting the error? If you aren't I wouldn't worry about it too much. However if you still are having problems, try a different JAVA app. There is still a few copies of Microsofts VM flying around the NET, might be worth giving that ago if SUN's program ain't doing it for ya.
  • SputnikSputnik Worcester, MA
    edited July 2003
    can't say that i am.... i honeslty dont' know where it came from and refuse to use the M$ VM (can't stand the lack of compliance, had programs that wouldnt' run only on windows boxes).... it just seemed kinda strange and was wondering if anyone knew what it meant
  • SpinnerSpinner Birmingham, UK
    edited July 2003
    Well quite frankly, I haven't the foggiest why it decided to throw that error at you. But as long as you aren't having any more problems with it then, that's the main thing.

    Perhaps this is one of those things, that you'll never be able to solve.:scratch:

    Sorry I can't be of more help.:banghead:


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