Nvidia Readies Chipsets for 940, 939 & 754 pin Opteron CPUs

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<a href="http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=10461&quot; target=_blank>Nvidia Readies Chipsets for 940, 939 & 754 pin Opteron CPUs</a>

<i>"The Crush K8 chip will support the Athlon 64 940, 939, and 754 pin designs – a configuration exclusively revealed here 10 days back.

It also will have support for the Nvidia two processor Opteron ready in time for Computex (September), while its CK8 and later its CK8S will support the AMD 128-bit Athlon 64 platform. That latter chipset, as we revealed here earlier, will sample in September.

The two CPU Opteron Nforce 3 Pro is a reference board which will support eight DIMMs, have Gigabit Ethernet, and support Serial ATA. It will be supported by the CK8 Pro and the CK8S Pro. The Nforce 3 Pro 150 chip for Opterons includes AGP8X, 10/100 LAN, NV RAID, sound, and USB 2.0.

The Nforce 3 Pro 250 chip is the one which gives support for four Serial ATA and two ATA-133 channels, USB 2.0, PCI and AC97. Like its friends Via and SIS, Nvidia is likely to sample PCI-Express chipsets in the fourth quarter of this year, while it will, next year, sample a spanking new DX9 graphics core for its AMD Crush K8 family.

Again, as we've written earlier, the Krush K8S, will add Gigabit Ethernet and four Serial ATA ports to AMD designs, include support for NV Raid in both Parallel ATA and Serial ATA.

The K8S won't go into mass production into December.

Nvidia is very excited about PCI Express, and that's why its Crush 3GIO will sample at the end of this year, along with the Crush K8-04 cipset that will include PCI-Express and high end DX9 graphics in yet another integrated Krush chipset.

According to the mole, the Crush 3GIO chip will have 20 PCI Express ports, an HT bridge, and support PCI Express peripheral ports. µ"</i>

<a href="http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=10461&quot; target=_blank>more here</a>
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