Intel Releases 1MB Cache Xeons

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<a href="; target=_blank>The Inq: Intel confirms release of 1MB cache Xeon</a>

<i>"AS EXPECTED, Intel today announced a Xeon microprocessor which includes 1MB of level three on die cache.

The 3.06GHz Xeon, which we've been predicting for quite some time, as well as doubling the cache for workaday server processors, also uses a 533MHz system bus.

Intel claimed that the processor can improve performance by over 15 per cent compared to the 512K cache Xeon. One of the new big cache Xeons will drop into existing sockets, the firm said.

The big cache Xeon which costs $690 if you're thinking of buying 1,000 or more, is now available and is part of Intel's "real server" push."</i>

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