THG: Video Card Guide - July 2003

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<a href="; target=_blank>THG: Video Card Guide - July 2003</a>

<i>"Choosing a new graphics card is not an easy decision. We've put together the THG VGA Buyer's Guide to help you with that decision. Our guide gives you an overview of all the latest offerings on the graphics card market.

<b>Conclusion</b> (excerpt)

It's hard to come to a clear conclusion here, since there is no single "right" card for everyone. Aside from the price and the 3D performance, other factors, such as a card's software bundle or hardware features, often play a role in the buying decision. What's clear, however, is the difference between NVIDIA and ATi cards when it comes to the feature set. Where ATi-based cards tend to resemble each other both in looks and in features, this is not the case with NVIDIA-based cards. Here, at least the big manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into setting their products apart from their competitors' in a highly competitive market. "</i>

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