NEW ATI Catalyst Driver Suite 3.6 WHQL

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New ATI Catalyst drivers are available for all Windows OS's. So go grab 'em.

Thanks to Al_Capown here at Short-Media for the heads up on these.

Release Notes:

-Switching to the program Second Life using the ALT-Tab command no longer results in the system not responding or looping indefinitely
-Running the demo game Lord of the Realms 3 under Windows XP with a RADEOIN 9000 series card installed no longer results in the system not responding when a 3 stage effect is used
-The game Unreal Tournament 2003 no longer hangs when loading the CTF-December level
-The geometry flashing throughout the background of Second Life is now resolved
-Flickering and display corruption in the game NeverWinter Nights is now resolved
-Running ViewPerf 6.1.2 under Windows ME with any RADEON™ family product installed no longer results in the application not being able to render an image
-Objects are now generated and the VP is no longer gray when running 3ds max in D3D mode
-Loss of focus when switching between different layers in Studio Tool 10.1 is now resolved
-Full Screen Anti-Aliasing no longer causes corrupt geometry in model viewer program
-Overlay no longer disappears when moving the mouse around in panning mode on the secondary display adapter in the application Overfly
-Multimedia mode scaling and positioning issues have now been resolved when using TV out
-Display corruption noticed on the ATI Demo Rachel running under Windows XP is now resolved
-The lighting and triangle culling on the 3D pipes screensaver no longer is incorrect when using a RADEON™ 7000 series card under Windows 2000
-Significant CPU usage is no longer noticed when Hardware Overlay Alpha Deblocking is in use
-Enabling Overlay Theater Mode and playing an HDTV source through the ATI File Player, no longer results in the system rebooting
-The TV can now be disabled using the Troubleshoot button in the ATI displays tab
-Connecting a secondary DFP and attempting to enable extended desktop mode no longer now results in the secondary display device becoming active
-Setting an LCD as the primary display, and a CRT as the secondary display followed by enabling Overlay Theater Mode, no longer results in display corruption when preview the screen saver on the secondary display
-Enabling extended desktop at certain resolutions and colour depths no longer results in display corruption on the secondary controller
-Installing a RADEON™ 9600 series card in a motherboard supporting AGP 8X no longer results in some 3D applications failing to respond
-When updating to future CATALYST™ releases your current color control panel profiles will be lost. This will be fixed in an upcoming CATALYST™ release
-Running the 3D Pipes screen saver for an extended period of time (24 hours or longer), produces an error message indicating that the virtual memory is not enough
-Setting the Landscape details to Perfect in the game IL2 Stumovik Forgotten Battles results in the system not responding during the track playback
-Running MS Links 2003 with Anisotropic filtering and Anti-Aliasing enabled results in vertical and horizontal lines being displayed within the game. This issue is known to occur under Windows XP with a RADEON™ 9700 series card installed. This will be fixed in an upcoming CATALYST™ release
-Enabling Anit-Aliasing and attempting to take a screen shot results in a corrupt capture when running OpenGL games such as, CounterStrike, Half-Life, Quake III or Medal of Honour: Allied Assault. This will be fixed in an upcoming CATALYST™ release.

<a target="_blank" href="">Windows 2000/XP<a>

<a target="_blank" href="">Windows 98/ME<a>

<a target="_blank" href="">ATI Control Panel<a>

These drivers are being discussed in this thread:


  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
    edited July 2003
    Do they support the Mobility Radeon 9000?

  • SpinnerSpinner Birmingham, UK
    edited July 2003
    I don't think so, no. ATI instruct you to go to your laptop manufacuturers website for them.
  • NecropolisNecropolis Hawarden, Wales Icrontian
    edited July 2003
    Top drivers, got rid of some nasty glitching on a few of my games when I turned quickly :D
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