Electron Microscope III v2.4.1 (Update)

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Updated Genome Calc
If you do Genome only and have a Genome team number, i.e. a team number greater than 100000, the formula to calculate your points has been changed. EM should now display a point value close to what Stanford calculates. Because the points are calculated by different systems with different OS's, the points EM displays may not be exactly what you get, but it should be close.

Bar Graph Display
As you scroll through the different windows in the options menu, if you have data saved, EM can display a bar graph of your data. EM was trying to display the data when the window was displayed and this works fine as long as the data file isn't too large. Once the file gets large, it takes more time for EM to display the data and you can't just move on to the next page without waiting. Now you have to push a button to display the bar graph. This allows you to move instantly from one page to the next without a delay.

Generate Stats according to IP
When generating HTML stats, you can now choose Server IP instead of All Proteins or a particular protein. This will allow you to track what proteins you have done by any IP number used by Stanford. The default IP is 000 and you need to enter a number when you want to use this feature. Once you enter the IP number, you can then choose the box or all the boxes. Then, choose Server IP from the Protein / Item list. Press Make HTML and the HTML page will be generated with only the IP number you entered. The last 3 numbers in the Server IP address are the only numbers you need to enter.

Enjoy! :D

Get it here: http://www.em-dc.com



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