Pentium 4 2.60C Overclocking Article

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OCAddiction: Pentium 4 2.60C Overclocking Article

Well I guess I've already let the cat out of the bag a bit in the benchmarks huh? Yes, you've already seen what our max "stable" clock is with this 2.6c CPU, right around the 3514Mhz point. We've run it up to just over 3.6GHz (can you say a FULL 1GHz OVERCLOCK!!??) but it was not a rock at that speed so we backed it back down.

All results you see in this review were done with STOCK COOLING! Our reasoning for this is simply. Sure, I could strap a water cooler on the chip but in all reality that would not paint a clear picture of this chip the way the majority of you are going to run it. The point is, with this chip anyway, what you've seen here should be the worst case scenario. There is plenty of head room left in this CPU and I can tell you for a fact that heat was definitely our enemy when overclocking this chip. How much potential is left in it I can't tell you yet as it'll be at least next week before I get to put a water block on this chip and see what it's made of. The bottom line is that the results we've shown you are VERY attainable with nominal cooling, with even more potential with either a high end air cooler or water.
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