Full duplex solution, on linux

RobRob Detroit, MI
edited June 2003 in Hardware
Well, my audigy died. RIP, fsck RMA, time for a new one.

Any good experiences with full duplex sound in linux?? To date, Ive only known of creative cards working properly, with some odd exceptions.


  • MERRICKMERRICK In the studio or on a stage
    edited June 2003
    Don't quote me on this, but dosen't RME support Linux. They have free drivers and a link to commercial drivers? If memory serves was it Terratac or Turtle Beach also? I'm sorry if this sends you on a wild goose chase. I was partnered in a company that died before it was born. The idea was to build Linux DAWs but my partner (the Linux guy) decided to get into sattelite communications. So I only heard Linux stuff second hand. We still drink together now and then hehe.
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