Welcome to milestones, Nixxer!

LincLinc OwnerDetroit Icrontian
edited August 2003 in Milestones
Awite!! :D Congrats on reaching your first folding milestone, Nixxer! I hope the second thousand points flies by even faster :cool:



  • tychotycho Santa Barbara, California!
    edited August 2003
    Congrats nixxer!
  • NixxerNixxer Nottingham, UK
    edited August 2003
    Thanks, didn't realise I was at a thousand yet. With luck I can get another, maybe two, more systems folding.
  • profdlpprofdlp The Holy City Of Westlake, Ohio
    edited August 2003
    The first K is the toughest - way to go! :thumbsup:

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