Calling All DAW people!

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Hi folks!
I was an old Icrontian and then split for a while. I hand built my first and current DAW from scratch (both in parts AND knowledge) by talking to people on the forum (ABIT KT-7 RAID 1MHz Athlon win98 etc.). In time I was able to give back much more than I took. Well here I am again. I'm doing research for my next DAW and I'd like to know anyone else who is on these forums with the same interests. Right now I'm working on a modified "stripped" 9.x o/s. I have most of the music programs. Eventually I'll be searching for the hardware on these forums. So if this is your kind of stuff please let me know. I also moderate another forum on this stuff and if this thread grows I'll post info from that site here as well. :)


  • -tk-tk Detroit, MI USA Icrontian
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    what kind of software/sound card are you using?
  • MERRICKMERRICK In the studio or on a stage
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    I use a Digital Audio Labs Card Deluxe. For editing I use Cool Edit Pro. For sequencing I use a Roland MC-50 MK II hardware sequencer (I'm looking for an MC-80) and I'm experimenting with CbseVST 32 5.2 PB 1 beta 7. My methods are a bit non-traditional. In fact I've never recorded MIDI direct to computer opting instead to sequence/edit the tracks in the external sequencer and use an Alesis DM Pro and QS6 for composing the parts before transfereing to softsynths/softdrums. For Mastering and most offline DSP I use iZotope Ozone v2.01.
  • MERRICKMERRICK In the studio or on a stage
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    I have been hosting a thread on DAW o/s stripping. If anyone is into this stuff check it out. It'd be great to start a dialogue here too!
  • MarkTAWMarkTAW Brooklyn, NY
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    Hola. TK great avatar. Please don't blow us up with your doomsday device. Say, do you know if that was James Earl Jones's first appearanace in a movie? (Dr. Strangelove).

    I'm using Protools via a Digi001, and a Cubase / Reason combo when I want to do sequencing.
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